Organic Raw Ecuadorian Cacao Butter

Organic Raw Ecuadorian Cacao Butter

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This Organic Truly Raw Cacao Butter is pressed at temperatures under 140 degrees Fahrenheit. We believe that all foods have a different temperature tolerance before the integrity of the food is compromised. Imagine sprouts out on the counter in 105 degree weather. They will go bad very quickly. Now imagine the desert floor temperature in the middle of summer in the Arizona desert where wild mesquite is growing. Temperatures get as high as 130 degrees and these temperatures are needed to bring out certain flavors in the mesquite pods. The plants integrity is not compromised at all and in fact is benefited from these extreme temperatures.

All chocolatiers know that if you raise the temperature of your cacao butter above 140 degrees you will scorch it. It will take on a burnt flavor.

Hershey’s doesn’t even raise the temperature of their cacao butter above 140 degrees. The idea that 118 is the standard for all food we believe is a complete fallacy and myth and is more of a general rule of thumb that has many exceptions.

The exceptions go on and on…. with tomatoes, potatoes, squash….many foods have a higher heat tolerance than 118 degrees.

We believe this cacao butter is truly raw and full of life force energy. It is pressed under 140 degrees and does not live up to 118 degree fallacy, but it does live up to the heat tolerance level known by every chocolatier in the world.

Try making your own raw chocolates and you will see how much life force energy this cacao has.