Wild Jungle Peanuts

Organic Raw Ecuadorian Wild Jungle Peanuts

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These raw, organic Wild Jungle Peanuts are the only non-toxic peanuts in the world (aflatoxin-free). They have a beauty and flavor far surpassing anything you’d ever find in mass-grown commercial peanuts. Enjoy the pure, rare, rich, aromatic and earthy flavor. Their skin features an astonishing almost purple-colored striation. Health Benefits: 99.9% free of aflatoxin - aflatoxins are toxic substances made by molds. Unfortunately, aflatoxins on hybridized peanuts (all other peanuts produced in the world) are a consistent problem that creates "peanut allergies".

Over 40% of the oils contained in this ancient peanut are oleic acid —an oil essential for heart health and smooth, beautiful skin. 26% protein (including amino acids like methionine) A wide array of amino acids, including ALL 8 essential ones. Contains arachidonic acid, a fatty acid typically found only in meat products. These ancient peanuts also contain 13% of the DV for Calcium and 21% of the DV for Iron.

Wild Jungle Peanuts contain 26% protein, higher than any other nut! Over 40% of the oils contained in this ancient peanut are oleic acid. Gone Green is proud to announce that we are now the largest importer of Wild Jungle Peanuts in the United States.

  • Raw
  • Ecuadorian
  • Certified Organic
  • Sun-Dried

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